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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Proving negligence crucial in a Louisiana car accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be traumatizing for a victim or -- in the event of a fatality -- for his or her surviving family members. Those crashes resulting from the negligence of others leave victims or their loved ones with the opportunity to file civil claims against the party deemed responsible. An individual who has been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident in Louisiana or elsewhere can seek guidance from an experienced attorney in order to gain a better understanding of what actions they may be able to take.

Many car accidents result from one party's negligence. Determining whether one was negligent involves several factors. For instance, one has to prove whether the party allegedly at fault failed to fulfill his or her legal duty of care. A breach of duty occurs when the responsible party either did or did not do something that a reasonable person would have done in the same situation.

Suspected Louisiana drunk driving accident in construction zone

Construction zones can be found along roadways in every state, as workers attempt to improve the road conditions. While these areas are often well marked and have reduced speed limits, drivers and workers alike must still exercise extra caution. A possible drunk driving accident that occurred recently in Louisiana involved four construction workers.

Early on a Saturday morning, a construction team was doing roadwork along one street. As they were working, a vehicle operated by a 23-year-old driver sideswiped a truck, which had flashing lights signaling the construction work taking place ahead. It then struck a backhoe. The vehicle then jumped two raised medians before crashing into four construction workers.

High rate of speed may be factor in fatal Louisiana car accident

Traveling at high rates of speed, whether one is abiding by or exceeding the speed limit, can greatly increase the damage that results from a motor vehicle collision. A recent fatal car accident in New Orleans may have been caused by one driver's decision to travel above the posted speed limit. The family of the victim in this Louisiana crash, and those in other serious automobile accidents, may have the right to take action for the damage or injury that they experienced as a result.

One Wednesday night, a Lamborghini was moving along a roadway. As the street veered to the left, the car traveled to the right, jumping a curb before slamming into a flood wall. The impact of the crash was severe, leaving debris, including a shattered windshield, at the scene of the accident. Tread marks can be seen on the roadway and scuff marks are visible on the flood wall.

Truck accident in Louisiana kills bicyclist

Travelers using roadways around the world include bicyclists and pedestrians, even though they only make up a fraction of this group. Since they lack a lot of the protection that other motorists have, it is especially important for them and others to take extra precautions. A recent truck accident in Louisiana emphasizes this need for caution.

A 30-year-old man was riding his bicycle along the roadway early one morning. At the same time, a pickup truck came up behind the bicycle. The truck struck the back end of the bicycle, according to reports. The man on the bike was killed from the impact of the collision.

Fatal car accident in Louisiana leaves families grieving

Motor vehicle collisions can occur at any time and involve a single car or several. One recent car accident in Louisiana involved three separate vehicles and happened early one morning. The results of this crash were severe and have left multiple families heartbroken. The surviving victims of motor vehicle accidents like this one may have the right to take legal action.

An automobile carrying three occupants was traveling along a Louisiana roadway in the westbound lanes before crossing over the dividing line and impeding the flow of opposing traffic. While moving in the eastbound lanes, this car struck a pickup truck and then slammed into a tractor-trailer. The impact of the collision was severe.

Update: 2 arrested following fatal accident in Louisiana

The results of a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Louisiana one Sunday night is still playing out in the lives of those involved. The victims, their families and those responsible continue to deal with what happened and the consequences that are resulting. As action is taken in this fatal accident, other victims of automobile collisions can better understand their rights.

Two fatalities, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old, occurred as a result of this car accident. Multiple other people were injured. According to reports, two vehicles pulled off the side of the roadway after one hit and the other maneuvered around a garbage compactor that had fallen from a truck. After placing caution triangles along the road, these people attempted to remove the compactor from the street before another driver struck them.

2 children killed in Louisiana fatal accident

Garbage, debris and other unexpected objects along the roadway can provide a serious danger to motorists as they travel. While some drivers may be able to successfully maneuver these obstacles, a chain-reaction can result from adjusting to the challenges. A recent fatal accident in Louisiana resulted after a garbage compactor fell from a truck bed.

Late one Sunday evening, as a 50-year-old man turned onto a state road, a garbage compactor fell from his truck and landed in the lanes of northbound traffic. This driver continued on his way, leaving the object impeding traffic. Soon, a 34-year-old woman struck the compactor and pulled off the street. Another driver was able to avoid the object, but pulled over to provide assistance.

2 motorcycles involved in fatal Louisiana car accident

Motor vehicles offer a good deal of protection in the case of an accident, using things like air bags and seat belts to prevent injury and death. Motorcycles, however, lack these safety measures, leaving drivers more exposed. A recent car accident in Louisiana involved a motorcyclist and had heartbreaking results.

It was a Sunday evening as a 53-year-old man traveled along a roadway on his motorcycle. As he was moving, another motor vehicle slammed into him and sent him flying off. The motorcycle skidded across the road and collided with two more automobiles that were stopped at the same intersection. According to authorities, a 72-year-old woman failed to stop at a red light before striking the motorcycle.

Getting through emotional pain and suffering in Louisiana crashes

On many major roadways, there is a median dividing lanes of opposing traffic. This median provides an additional measure of protection to prevent wrong-way collisions. Unfortunately, a median cannot stop all car accidents, which can result in both physical and emotional pain and suffering for the victims and their families. Such may be the case after a recent fatal crash in Louisiana.

During the mid-morning hours of one recent Friday, two vehicles were involved in a collision. One car had been traveling westbound along the roadway before the 34-year-old driver lost control. Spinning as it skidded through the median, the automobile continued into the eastbound lanes of traffic. The 22-year-old driver of a Jeep attempted to avoid colliding with the car without success. The driver's side of the car struck the front of the Jeep.

Proving negligence in Louisiana truck accident

Motor vehicle collisions can have devastating results, especially when the vehicles involved are moving at high speeds or carrying a great deal of weight. Due to these factors, a commercial truck accident can cause a significant amount of damage or injury. Just as with all other drivers on Louisiana roads, truck drivers have the responsibility to maintain control of their tractor trailers at all times. Victims injured in collisions with 18-wheelers may have to right to pursue claims for monetary damages.

A successful claim is dependent on several factors. There must be evidence that the victim's injuries resulted from the failure of another party to exercise reasonable care. The responsible party may be the driver of the truck and/or the company that owns the 18-wheeler. I would also be financially responsible for any damages that accrue. 

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