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Why you should seek assistance after a truck accident

The trucking industry is a vital component of the American economy and one of the main ways that goods are transported across the country. Due to the high number of large trucks traveling alongside smaller vehicles, it is particularly important for truck drivers to be safe, vigilant and cautious. When these drivers are negligent or distracted, it can cause a devastating truck accident.

Louisiana readers may know that truckers are on the road for many hours at a time. Despite regulations limiting the amount of time a driver can be behind the wheel, many drivers are still fatigued. This can lead to poor decisions and lack of attentiveness. Because of the large size of a truck, just one mistake or one moment of distraction can inflict injury or cause a wrongful death in a crash.

Driver faces negligent homicide charges after fatal car accident

Under Louisiana laws, a driver who caused the death of another person in a vehicle accident in which it is determined that his or her use of drugs or alcohol contributed to the fatality may be charged with negligent homicide. A man was recently arrested and is now facing such a charge after his prior release on bail while toxicology results were pending. He was initially arrested at the scene of a February car accident that claimed the life of another driver.

According to the accident report prepared by Gonzales police, the 27-year-old man was traveling at approximately 90 mph on Interstate 10 West when he was distracted and smashed into the rear of an SUV that was going in the same direction. The impact apparently caused both vehicles to roll down an embankment. The SUV driver was partially ejected and died at the accident scene.

Man sentenced in Louisianna fatal accident withdrawals plea

A man who has already stood trial and was sentenced has been permitted by the court to withdrawal his guilty plea. The trial involved a 2013 fatal accident in Louisiana that took the lives of two passengers in a vehicle driven by a man who was then charged with vehicular homicide. In a rather uncommon turn of events, a judge recently allowed the man to withdraw his guilty plea and has granted him a new trial.

The accident took place two years ago, when the 37-year-old man was said to have steered the vehicle he was driving across the center lines of traffic. A 42-year-old female passenger in the front seat reportedly grabbed the wheel to correct the steering in an effort to avoid a sudden collision with a tractor trailer. The vehicle then veered off to the right and crashed into a tree on the roadside. Sadly, the woman and another passenger in the back seat were pronounced dead at the scene.

Man struck by a truck after exiting vehicle

A Louisiana man was recently killed along Interstate 55 after he stepped out of his parked vehicle. The man had stopped on the side of the road because he had been involved in an accident and was trying to discuss the incident with the other driver. Tragically, the fatal accident occurred as a passing truck hit the man. 

Louisiana law enforcement has arrested the truck driver under suspicion of drug use. Toxicology tests were administered, but the results are not known at this time. He was officially charged with reckless operation of a vehicle and driving with a suspended license. 

Other distractions are just as dangerous as texting while driving

Louisiana readers know how dangerous texting while driving can be, but there are other distractions that also place drivers at a high risk for crashes. Distractions of many kinds are a particular danger for teen drivers. Even though the percentage teens who claim to be texting while driving has decreased, it has been noted that teens are still driving while distracted regularly.

The teen driver demographic is particularly susceptible to distractions. In addition to texting, young drivers have admitted to changing clothes, completing school assignments and putting on makeup while behind the wheel. Studies have shown that seven teenagers die every day from car accident injuries. Educational campaigns have been moderately successful in reducing texting and driving, but there are other serious issues that plague Louisiana drivers. 

Truck accident by alleged drunk driver injures 3 in Louisiana

Many motorists on Louisiana roads are often threatened by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Because the actions of a drunk driver are so unpredictable, it is often difficult to avoid collisions. While such a driver in a car poses huge risks to other road users, an intoxicated driver behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler can cause devastation in a truck accident.

A 27-year-old driver of an 18-wheeler was recently arrested at the scene of an accident that involved several cars. The Louisiana State Police reported that the driver of the truck failed to slow down when he was approaching a red light. He apparently crashed into the rears of two stationary vehicles at the red traffic light, and then collided head-on with a third car.

Students learn about the danger of a drunk driving accident

A recent project undertaken by a Louisiana senior has initiated a conversation among young drivers in her community about the dangers of drunk driving and other issues. The young lady decided, as part of a school project, to research the dangers of drunk driving, distracted driving and other behind-the-wheel issues that endanger young drivers and others sharing the roadways. Along with the Louisiana State Police, the student presented her findings with hopes that they would increase awareness, change driving habits and prevent a drunk driving accident.

Along with evidence on the dangers of drunk driving, she also talked with classmates about the dangers of distracted driving. While distractions behind the wheel are not new, the rise of cell phone use among teenagers has led to an increase in accidents. Studies have found that drivers who are texting often exhibit some of the same behaviors as those demonstrated by drunk drivers. 

Did aggressive driving cause your car accident?

There are many problems that plague American roadways, including texting and driving, distracted drivers and drunk driving. Aggressive driving is a serious problem that may lead to devastating car accidents, yet it does not receive the public attention merited by such a serious issue. Aggressive driving is frightening, unacceptable and may seem difficult to prove in the context of a civil claim.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving is defined as behavior and/or traffic violations that endanger other Louisiana drivers or property. Aggressive driving is not always synonymous with road rage, which is a blatant criminal act. Aggressive drivers may not intentionally display dangerous or malicious behavior behind the wheel, but they can be held financially liable for any damages caused by a car accident. 

Defective auto parts lead to payout for accident victims

Defective auto parts can cause serious accidents, injuries (or worse) and life-long repercussions. Auto manufacturers have a responsibility to build safe cars and are accountable when defective auto parts affect consumer safety. GM, one of the largest auto producers in the country, is currently paying out millions of dollars to victims and families after it was revealed that a faulty ignition switch was causing serious and fatal accidents. 

The lawsuits against the auto giant began after several accidents were reported, caused by the ignition malfunctioning while certain model vehicles were in use. Many of these accidents were fatal and still more resulted in serious injuries. At this point, GM has designated a fund for paying claims filed by victims. If any Louisiana reader has suffered from an ignition default accident, it is important to act quickly. A simple case evaluation can reveal if a claim may be vaible. 

Loss of companionship may be legitimate factor in civil claim

Loss of companionship and financial stress is a genuine source of concern for those who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident. The emotional impact of the death of a family member will last a lifetime and may include depression, psychological suffering and ongoing grief. These are the serious effects of loss of companionship and may be a relevant factor in a wrongful death claim for monetary damages.

Many accidents are caused by reckless and dangerous actions by Louisiana drivers. Drunk driving, texting behind the wheel and speeding are just some examples of the negligent behaviors that can cause serious injuries to others sharing the road. If the accident that claimed the life of your loved one was caused by any of the above factors, a wrongful death claim may be an option. 

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