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Elderly woman dies in fatal accident in Louisiana

People should always be careful when driving on the road. However, when a vehicle is hauling a trailer, the driver needs to be extra cautious, since the trailer makes navigating significantly more challenging. This can increase the chances of experiencing a crash that could result in injuries or even death. It turns out that this was the case in a recent fatal accident involving a truck hauling a trailer in Louisiana.

The deadly crash happened in late October when a truck hauling a trailer crashed into another vehicle. The truck and the other vehicle were both traveling southbound on the freeway in the left lane. Apparently, the truck collided into the other vehicle after it had switched into the right lane and then back into the left lane in front of the truck. The other vehicle was attempting to make a legal U-turn when the truck hauling the trailer crashed into the other vehicle from behind.

2 siblings killed in car accident over the summer

Two children who are siblings were killed in a crash over the summer. A Louisiana woman was issued a summons for her alleged role in the fatal car accident. This comes after a "no true" bill decision was returned.

On the day of the accident, the children were with their father and two other family members while they were fishing. According to reports, a 47-year-old driver of an SUV veered off the roadway for unknown reasons and slammed into the family and the children. Three of the adults were reportedly injured, but the exact details of their conditions was not reported.

Help for Louisiana drunk driving accident victims

Thanks to massive efforts ranging from public service announcements and drivers' education courses, the potential consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs are well-known. However, many people still choose to engage in such behavior, putting not only their personal safety at risk, but also the safety of others, including completely innocent bystanders. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a drunk driving accident in Louisiana, the attorneys at Bravo Law Firm may be able to help.  

A car accident can result in serious financial ramifications. In the event of an injury, there could be extensive medical expenses as well as time missed from work during recovery. In some cases, an injured person is never fully able to return to their employment. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Louisiana car accident throws man from bridge

Involvement in a car accident can inflict serious mental anguish when a person witnesses their friend or loved one suffer intense injury due to another driver. A victim may face long-term treatment for their emotional strain as well as for any physical injuries they may have experienced. A potentially fatal car accident recently took place on a Louisiana bridge that crosses a sizable body of water.

The accident took place in the dark early hours of the morning after a vehicle ran out of gas. The occupants of the small pickup truck were in the process of physically pushing the empty vehicle along the roadway on a high bridge. As the four men and single woman navigated slowly down the road, an approaching truck smashed into them.

Speed suspected as cause of double fatal accident in Louisiana

Each year, a number of people across the country die on the roadways due to a driver operating their vehicle at unsafe speeds.  If speeding is coupled with impairment, the combination can easily lead to a fatal accident.  Troopers with the Louisiana State Police believe that speed was a factor in a recent crash that took the lives of two men, but they are not yet certain whether impairment was a factor as well.

The two men were traveling east on U.S. Highway 190 in the outside, right-hand lane.  As they approached another vehicle ahead of them in the same lane, the driver failed to slow down for an as yet unknown reason.  His vehicle slammed into the back of the one in front of it. 

Louisiana garbage truck accident claims the life of a motorist

Attempting to drive across lanes of a highway and enter a median gap in a large and bulky truck can be arduous and difficult with oncoming traffic fast approaching. A truck accident can occur when the back-end of the vehicle does not clear the roadway in time. A recent truck accident took the life of a Louisiana man after a garbage vehicle and his smaller car collided.

The fatal crash took place on a local highway in the early morning hours, just before sunrise. A middle-aged man driving a large garbage truck waited at a stop sign and made the decision to cross one side of the highway. As the truck pulled out onto the road and attempted to reach the opening in the median, he made contact with an oncoming car.

1 man dead and 1 man injured in fatal car accident

In Slidell, one man is injured and one man is dead after a fatal car accident. Off of Highway 433, an off-duty police officer was reportedly driving when he lost control of his vehicle. According to officials, he went off the road after he was unable to drive correctly around a curve. Consequently, he was unable to regain control and the vehicle flipped. HIs passenger died from trauma sustained in the fatal car accident and the driver also suffered injuries.

Although the driver was injured in the accident, Louisiana law enforcement suspected that the man may have been under the influence of alcohol. It was noted that a blood sample was taken from the driver to determine if he was drunk behind the wheel. The results of the toxicology tests are not known, but the tragic incident is still under investigation by police.

Alleged drunk driving accident kills Louisiana biker

It is possible that drunk driving was a contributing factor in a deadly motorcycle accident that recently took place in Louisiana. Motorcycle accidents always place bikers and passengers at a higher risk for serious injury because of their exposure to an impact with the steel frame of a car. This particular alleged drunk driving accident resulted in the death of a man on a motorcycle.

According to authorities, the man who is believed to be responsible for the accident was driving along Louisiana 33 when he swerved over the double yellow line. His vehicle struck the man on the motorcycle, ultimately resulting in his death. The nature of his injuries was not immediately specified, but medical personnel declared the victim dead at the scene of the accident. The driver is believed to have been drunk at the time of the accident and only suffered from minor injuries.

Law enforcement officer injured in a motorcycle accident

A New Orleans law enforcement officer was injured in a motorcycle accident. The motorcycle accident involved two vehicles and the officer was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The collision occurred while he was on duty, just after he finished an assignment working with a police escort.

At the intersection of Leonidas Street and Earhart Boulevard, a truck ran through the intersection and struck the motorcycle. The Louisiana deputy was riding a marked police motorcycle, but it is not clear how or why the truck either did not see the officer or failed to properly yield. The truck was attempting to cross the street at the time and the driver is facing charges, indicating that the truck driver could be at fault for the collision.

Fatal accident in Louisiana parish leads to serious charges

A Louisiana man is facing serious criminal charges after a fatal accident in the Acadia Parish area. The car accident only involved one vehicle, and it was determined that the defendant was the driver. Both the driver and the passenger were thrown from the vehicle in the fatal accident, with the passenger suffering fatal injuries.

The driver is facing serious charges, including vehicular homicide, obstruction of justice, speeding, reckless operation of a vehicle and more. Toxicology tests were administered the same night, and it was determined that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident. Because both men were ejected from the car, Louisiana law enforcement had to determine which of the men was actually driving before impact.

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