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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Family can file claims after fatal Louisiana motorcycle accident

Car crashes can have a huge effect on the lives of those involved. Victims of a motor vehicle collision or a motorcycle accident in Louisiana may have the right to make claims for the personal injury or death they or a loved one suffered. With the assistance of a legal professional, those interested in taking action can work through the process, which may provide them with some comfort in spite of the stress or grief with which they may be dealing.

A recent collision involving a motorcycle occurred in Louisiana. An SUV being driven by a 57-year-old woman was moving through the northbound lanes of traffic as she approached an intersection. It was here that she attempted making a left turn and allegedly pulled out in front of a motorcyclist traveling the opposite direction.

2 truck accident in Louisiana has fatal results

Two tractor-trailers were involved in a motor vehicle collision in Louisiana recently that also involved a pickup truck. Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles or high speeds can cause immense damage and create traffic that is backed up for miles. Victims of a truck accident or other collision may have the right to take action for the pain and suffering that they may have endured as a result.

This particular accident occurred when the pickup truck allegedly attempted to pass the two tractor-trailers that were traveling next to each other in two lanes. The driver of the truck was using the shoulder of the highway and struck one of the semi trucks as he tried to get in front of it. That impact created a chain reaction in which the first truck hit the second, which then traveled through the guardrail before falling into the water below.

Seeking restitution after fatal accident in Louisiana

No one expects to lose a loved one in the typical course of daily travel. Thousands of cars navigate Louisiana roads on a daily basis without dilemma. However, in an instant, an uneventful motor vehicle venture can turn to tragedy when driver negligence causes a fatal accident.

To the average person, the grief of suffering the untimely death of a loved one in a car accident seems unfathomable. Family members can be wrought with sorrow, yet, at the same, yearn for answers to their questions and desire justice in the wake of a tragic crash. The law allows an immediate family member to pursue that justice by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

Motorcycle crash claims life of Louisiana man

Motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable because they are so exposed. Even when a motorcyclist wears a helmet, the rest of his or her body remains exposed to injuries that are often fatal when a motorcycle crash occurs. Some of the most horrible accidents on Louisiana roads are those in which motorcycles are involved.

One such tragic accident recently claimed the life of a 47-year-old biker in New Sarpy. Louisiana State Police reported that the accident occurred on a recent Wednesday when the motorcyclist was eastbound on Airline. When he approached the intersection with East Harding Street, a car entered Airline without yielding. The motorcyclist was reportedly unable to avoid the car that was directly in his path.

Driver takes plea agreement in drunk driving accident

Just five days before what would have been a woman's 23rd birthday and four days prior to the one-year anniversary of her death, the driver responsible for taking her life took a plea agreement that would keep him out of prison for life. Instead, he will spend a minimum of 25 years behind bars in connection with the Oct. 19, 2014 drunk driving accident that robbed the victim of her future. Toxicology tests confirmed that the man's blood alcohol content at the time of the crash, which occurred in New Orleans' French Quarter, was .214.

The victim was celebrating her 22nd birthday that night, and when the festivities ended at around 5:20 a.m., she and her group of friends walked along Burgundy Street, between Conti and St. Louis streets. Little did they know that the drunk driver was heading their way. His vehicle veered onto the sidewalk and struck a balcony pole. That pole came crashing down onto the head of the victim and killed her instantly.

Alleged drunk driver causes car accident that claims 1 life

In addition to sorrow, anger and troubling questions often result from the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another party. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for Louisiana families to have to cope with untimely deaths of those dear to them who were killed in crashes caused by drunk drivers. A fatal car accident on LA 35 on a recent Saturday evening has been blamed on drunk driving.

According to troopers who responded, a 34-year-old woman was northbound on LA 35 when another vehicle approached from behind. The 24-year-old driver of the approaching pickup truck proceeded to pass the car in front of him, but apparently struck the car's left side. The impact caused the car to careen off the roadway before smashing into a telephone pole.

DWI results following fatal accident in Louisiana

A recent wrong-way collision occurred in Louisiana. The fatal accident involved four vehicles and as many drivers. Family members of victims killed in head-on crashes may find themselves in the aftermath of such tragedies wondering what they are supposed to do next. A personal injury attorney can help identify responsible parties and offer assistance in pursuing claims for legal relief. 

In this particular incident, a 58-year-old man was headed north along LA 16. He was the sole occupant of his vehicle. The car crossed over the centerline into the lanes of oncoming traffic. The vehicle soon swiped one car and slammed into another, before swiping a third. car

Louisiana motorcycle crash takes rider's life

There are numerous signs posted along Louisiana's highways reminding drivers to be aware of motorcycles sharing the roadway. Unfortunately, it seems that no number of public awareness campaigns can stop drivers from failing to yield to motorcycles. After a recent apparent lack of awareness, a motorcycle crash in Louisiana has had heartbreaking results.

It was early one morning when a car, driven by a 23-year-old female, stopped at a stop sign. As she proceeded to turn onto the intersecting street, she allegedly did not yield to the motorcycle that was moving along that road. Her automobile traveled into the motorcycle's path, and the two vehicles collided, according to official reports.

Louisiana motorcycle accident reminds that life is short

Losing a loved one is difficult under any circumstances. This is especially true when the loss comes unexpectedly and does not leave one with time to prepare. A recent motorcycle accident in Louisiana has caught a family by surprise and left them with grief as the loss of their son weighs on their hearts.

The fatal collision occurred on a Friday. A 20-year-old man was traveling along a roadway on his motorcycle when another vehicle pulled out of a driveway. The motorcycle slammed into the side of the vehicle that had come into his path. Authorities soon arrived at the site of the crash, where they pronounced the young man dead.

Distracted Louisiana driver causes injuries to bicyclist

Victims of motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana have the right to take action against the responsible party. Whether involved in a head-on collision, a motorcycle crash or a hit-and-run, these victims may suffer from their injuries for the rest of their lives. These life-changing accidents can occur from distracted or impaired drivers and can have a wide variety of consequences.

A bicyclist was moving along a roadway one afternoon before he was struck by a motor vehicle traveling along the same street. Officials were contacted soon after the accident and found the 22-year-old male bicyclist; however, neither the vehicle that struck him nor its driver were at the scene. The victim claimed to have pain in his ribs, but there were no visible injuries.

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