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Lawsuit filed against law enforcement agency after car accident

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office after a car accident. The man alleges that one of the department's employees caused the car accident, which resulted in pain and suffering, disability and more. The injured man is seeking compensation for his expenses associated with the crash, including loss of income and emotional duress. 

The lawsuit states that the collision occurred when a police car failed to yield and made a left hand turn in front of him. The patrol car caused damage to the vehicle that the man needed for his exterminator business, which he claims affected his ability to work and make an income. The complaint states that the driver of the police car is completely to blame for the collision. 

Why you need legal help after a drunk driving accident

Have you been injured in a drunk driving accident, or has a drunk driver caused the death of a loved one? If so, you and your family could be eligible to pursue a claim for financial damages. Sadly, some Louisiana drunk driving accident victims never reach out for help, failing to realize that they have legal options.

Victims who have suffered physically, financially or emotionally after a drunk driving accident should reach out for assistance immediately. With the proper help, a victim may be able to recover the financial losses resulting from medical bills, lost pay from work, rehabilitation costs and other applicable damages. There is no excuse for drunk driving, and we strive to hold liable drivers deemed responsible for the damages that they caused through their careless actions. 

Motorcycle accident claims the life of Metairie man

A motorcycle accident has the potential to cause serious injuries, or worse. This is simply because a bike offers no protection in a collision with the steel frame of larger vehicle. A Louisiana man recently involved in a motorcycle accident passed away from injuries suffered in a crash with a larger vehicle, underscoring the responsibility of safely sharing the roads with motorcycles. 

It seems that the accident occurred as the driver of the car merged onto I-10 into the same lane in which the motorcyclist was traveling.  The biker, unable to stop after the car came into the lane, hit the back of vehicle. Though he was wearing a helmet, he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. 

What losses could be compensated after a car accident?

A car accident can have an impact on a victim and the victim's family for years to come. In addition to the physical suffering, the financial impact can also cause significant damage as bills and expenses accumulate. Victims of a car accident caused by another driver may seek compensation for damages, and it is generally helpful to understand which injuries and losses could be considered eligible for financial relief.

Various types of damages can result from a car accident, including medical bills and damage to the vehicle. Medical expenses are some of the most common difficulties suffered by Louisiana accident victims after a motor vehicle wreck. Additional losses may include ambulatory care, emotional pain and suffering, rehabilitation, permanent disability and loss of companionship -- in addition to other financial losses.

Factors that may contribute to a truck accident

Louisiana readers know that a truck accident can inflict serious damage. Understanding what may have caused a truck accident can help a victim and family determine if a claim for financial relief may be appropriate. Because truck drivers are often employed by large trucking companies with powerful insurance providers, it can be best to seek the advice and support of an experienced personal injury attorney after a serious truck accident. 

One of the reasons that truck accidents are so dangerous is because trucks weigh substantially more than standard passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, these smaller vehicles often bear the worst of the damage when involved in a collision with such a heavy and large vehicle. There are many reasons why these types of accidents occur, and innocent victims often pay the price for the negligence or even recklessness of a truck driver. 

Where to turn after a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident frequently results in serious injury, and victims may feel lost in the post-accident process. Bikers and passengers are especially prone to injury in a motorcycle accident because they are unshielded against an impact with another vehicle. When a Louisiana biker is injured due to the actions of another motorist, the victim may seek recompense through a personal injury claim. 

After a motor vehicle accident, it is normal for a motorist to file a claim with his or her insurance company in order to cover damages. In many cases, a Louisiana resident may find that insurance denies a claim or that a payout is not sufficient to cover post-accident needs. In this situation, a third-party injury claim may be an appropriate option for a victim and his or her family. 

Local police department facing lawsuit over car accident

The Kenner police department is facing a lawsuit over a car accident that resulted in the alleged injuries of three people. The car accident occurred as a law enforcement officer was in pursuit of another vehicle. The lawsuit names the officer, the Kenner police department and the city of Kenner, Louisiana. 

The three plaintiffs were traveling from a school event when their vehicle was struck by the police car. All three of the plaintiffs claim that they suffered extensive injuries from the crash and that the police officer is liable for the accident. According to the details of the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking an unspecified amount of damages for personal injury. 

Should you file a wrongful death claim after a fatal accident?

After a fatal accident, it may be difficult to know where to turn for the financial and legal support you need. There are certain options available, which include filing a wrongful death claim in order to recover some of the financial losses associated with the accident. Louisiana readers who have been impacted by a fatal accident should carefully consider legal action as a beneficial step.

You may consider a wrongful death claim if the fatal accident was caused by the negligent, reckless or dangerous behavior of another individual behind the wheel. This includes texting and driving, drunk driving or speeding. With the ever-growing popularity and use of smartphones, it is increasingly likely that distraction contributed to the accident that claimed the life of your loved one. 

Younger drivers are at greater risk for a car accident

There are many who argue that 16 years old is too young to be in control of a vehicle, and car accident statistics may validate this claim. Simply put, younger drivers are at a higher risk for a car accident. Immaturity and inexperience are some of the main reasons that younger people are involved in more car accidents, but reckless or negligent behavior also accounts for many wrecks caused by young drivers behind the wheel. 

Teenage drivers have a crash rate three times higher than drivers who are over the age of 20. Inexperience may not allow a teenager to properly respond to an emergency situation on the road, and immaturity can lead to dangerous driving behaviors. All states, including Louisiana, have some form of graduated driving system based on the age of the driver, but that does not mean necessarily decrease the chance of an accident. 

What is considered the most dangerous type of distracted driving?

Anything that takes a Louisiana driver's attention off the road can lead to an accident. However, one activity in particular has been identified by the federal government's website on distracted driving as the most dangerous type of distracted driving -- texting. This does not mean that other activities -- such as eating, grooming or talking on your cell phone -- are not hazardous. It just means that texting while driving poses a significant danger.

In order to text, drivers must use three of the most important tools of driving, which are the use of your hands, eyes and mind. The average amount of time that your eyes are off the road while texting is approximately five seconds. In that time, a vehicle can cover the length of a football field at 55 mph. The driving conditions can change dramatically in that time and distance.

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