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New Orleans Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

DWI results following fatal accident in Louisiana

A recent wrong-way collision occurred in Louisiana. The fatal accident involved four vehicles and as many drivers. Family members of victims killed in head-on crashes may find themselves in the aftermath of such tragedies wondering what they are supposed to do next. A personal injury attorney can help identify responsible parties and offer assistance in pursuing claims for legal relief. 

In this particular incident, a 58-year-old man was headed north along LA 16. He was the sole occupant of his vehicle. The car crossed over the centerline into the lanes of oncoming traffic. The vehicle soon swiped one car and slammed into another, before swiping a third. car

Louisiana motorcycle crash takes rider's life

There are numerous signs posted along Louisiana's highways reminding drivers to be aware of motorcycles sharing the roadway. Unfortunately, it seems that no number of public awareness campaigns can stop drivers from failing to yield to motorcycles. After a recent apparent lack of awareness, a motorcycle crash in Louisiana has had heartbreaking results.

It was early one morning when a car, driven by a 23-year-old female, stopped at a stop sign. As she proceeded to turn onto the intersecting street, she allegedly did not yield to the motorcycle that was moving along that road. Her automobile traveled into the motorcycle's path, and the two vehicles collided, according to official reports.

Louisiana motorcycle accident reminds that life is short

Losing a loved one is difficult under any circumstances. This is especially true when the loss comes unexpectedly and does not leave one with time to prepare. A recent motorcycle accident in Louisiana has caught a family by surprise and left them with grief as the loss of their son weighs on their hearts.

The fatal collision occurred on a Friday. A 20-year-old man was traveling along a roadway on his motorcycle when another vehicle pulled out of a driveway. The motorcycle slammed into the side of the vehicle that had come into his path. Authorities soon arrived at the site of the crash, where they pronounced the young man dead.

Distracted Louisiana driver causes injuries to bicyclist

Victims of motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana have the right to take action against the responsible party. Whether involved in a head-on collision, a motorcycle crash or a hit-and-run, these victims may suffer from their injuries for the rest of their lives. These life-changing accidents can occur from distracted or impaired drivers and can have a wide variety of consequences.

A bicyclist was moving along a roadway one afternoon before he was struck by a motor vehicle traveling along the same street. Officials were contacted soon after the accident and found the 22-year-old male bicyclist; however, neither the vehicle that struck him nor its driver were at the scene. The victim claimed to have pain in his ribs, but there were no visible injuries.

Fatal accident in Louisiana injures 5; costs 1 man his life

Roadways with no median between lanes of opposing traffic can have the potential for innumerable head-on collisions. In an effort to prevent this, the centerline designates areas that provide a safer opportunity for passing other vehicles in one's lane. Two vehicles were involved in a fatal accident in Louisiana when one car allegedly attempted to pass illegally.

A 20-year-old man was driving south along the highway one morning before moving into the northbound lanes of traffic in an area not designated for passing. Another vehicle was traveling north and tried, unsuccessfully, to swerve out of the path of this oncoming van. The northbound automobile was carrying five occupants; the van contained solely the driver.

Family of Louisiana car accident victim may want to take action

Being alert and aware of what is going on along the roadway is incredibly important for drivers everywhere. Impairment behind the wheel of an automobile can play a major role in how one acts in and reacts to a variety of situations. Victims of a car accident in Louisiana resulting from drinking and driving -- including the surviving families of deceased victims -- are entitled to consult someone experienced in handling personal injury and wrongful death claims, so that they can gain a better understanding of what legal steps may be available to them.

One recent motor vehicle accident involved a pickup truck and a pedestrian. A 22-year-old soldier was walking along a highway early one morning and attempted to cross the road. It was at this time that a pickup truck, driven by a 37-year-old man, was moving along the highway and struck the pedestrian.

Louisiana car accident results in loss of life, charges pending

Traffic is not something that most people would consider to be pleasant or desirable. Not only is it inconvenient for those trying to travel on a schedule, but it can also be dangerous. As a driver, it is important to be aware of one's surroundings in order to be able to react in a timely and safe manner. However, that is not always the case, as evidenced in a recent Louisiana car accident.

As a 57-year-old driver was operating his truck along the Interstate early one Tuesday morning, he approached an area of congested traffic that resulted from an earlier crash. He attempted to swerve to the left to avoid striking the automobile in front of him but collided with another, causing that vehicle to slam into a third car and then an 18-wheeler. The driver of the pickup suffered minor injuries, as did the driver of the third vehicle involved; the driver of the 18-wheeler did not suffer any injury.

Drinking and driving possible cause of Louisiana truck accident

Many factors can lead to a motor vehicle accident, especially when the driver is distracted or impaired. Drinking and driving leaves people behind the wheel whose reaction times may not be what they should be as they attempt to navigate the roadways. A recent truck accident in Louisiana resulted in the injury of a motorcyclist.

A 50-year-old man was driving his tractor-trailer along the road one Friday night before he allegedly passed out behind the wheel. The truck veered out of control and off the street as it passed through an intersection. Before coming to a stop in a ditch, the tractor-trailer struck a motorcycle, sending the motorcyclist flying off of the bike and pinning the bike under the 18-wheeler's front tire.

Alleged DUI car accident fatal for 18-year-old helping friend

Many Louisiana residents have suffered injuries or worse in car accidents that were caused by the negligence of drunk drivers. One such alleged drunk driving car accident took the life of a teenager late on a recent Tuesday night. Blood sample results are pending for the driver who authorities say was intoxicated at the time of the fatal crash.

According to a preliminary accident report prepared by the Louisiana State Police, a 20-year-old driver was eastbound on LA 42 when the SUV she was driving developed mechanical problems. She reportedly activated the hazard lights; with her steering, her 18-year-old passenger attempted to push the SUV off the road surface. At that time, a 41-year-old driver in another vehicle was traveling in the same direction on LA 42. This driver smashed into the SUV, killing the young man who was pushing it.

Cross-over car crash kills 2, leaves child critically injured

When cross-over accidents occur, it is commonly difficult to determine why the driver crossed over the median, especially when the driver does not survive the collision. A child suffered critical injuries in a recent Louisiana car crash that left two other people dead. An accident report indicates that the fatal accident occurred in Plaquemines Parish shortly after midday on a recent Monday.

The sheriff's office reported that a 25-year-old driver and her son, age 4, were northbound on LA 23 when she crossed over into the northbound lanes. The reason for her crossing the median is yet unknown. A southbound vehicle was likely unable to avoid a collision, and the two vehicles met head-on.

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