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Louisiana woman loses her life in fatal car accident

Easter, for many, is a time for family and a celebration of life. Even for those people who do not celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday, it is typically a day filled with festivities and shared memories with loved ones. Unfortunately, for one family in Louisiana, Easter is the first holiday to pass after the tragic death of their loved one in a fatal car accident. For some who have lost a loved one, the holidays are an emotionally difficult time.

The accident happened in the afternoon on a day in mid-April. Police reports indicate that a vehicle driven by a former parish councilman was hit by a pickup truck from behind. The first vehicle flipped, struck a tree and ejected the passenger -- the driver's wife.

Fatal accident in New Orleans takes cyclist's life

There are people who devote their entire life to meeting a major goal. For some people, the goal they work to achieve is the completion of an Ironman triathlon, an event that requires 70.1 miles of biking, swimming and running. Two people were close to achieving this goal at an event in New Orleans when a fatal accident dashed their plans.

The cyclists were riding together a few days before the event as a sort of pre-race warm-up. Police reports indicate that the cyclists were struck from behind by a sedan. One of the cyclists, a 36-year-old man, died as a result of the injuries he suffered. Officials delayed the release of his identity until his family could be notified.

Driver suffers serious injuries in Louisiana accident

When some people hear of an accident involving a tractor-trailer, they may automatically assume that the accident was a result of negligence on the part of the truck driver. However, most truck drivers are well-trained professionals who do the best they can to ensure their personal safety as well as the safety of others. In fact, one tractor-trailer driver recently suffered serious injuries in an accident that police claim was caused by the actions of a drunk driver. The driver of a pickup now faces criminal charges.

According to police records, the 54-year-old driver of the pickup truck was attempting to enter a highway in Louisiana. It is alleged that the man pulled into the path of a tractor-trailer. The 54-year-old tractor-trailer driver was unable to avoid a collision despite his attempts. The tractor-trailer turned on its side as a result, blocking traffic.

Woman seriously injured in Louisiana drunk driving accident

Most people assume that they are safe as they walk on a city sidewalk. However, one woman in Louisiana will likely no longer make assumptions about her safety. She was recently seriously injured in what police claim was a drunk driving accident.

Reports indicate that a car driven by a 23-year-old man first struck a car in the rear, causing him to flee the scene. A witness claims that the man then lost control of his vehicle, causing him to careen into a second car and a pedestrian at an estimated 60 mph. The man then allegedly drove away.

Teenager killed in fatal Louisiana car accident

The families of most teenagers are full of hope and wonder. There is anticipation about the teen's future career choice, including acceptance to a college or trade school. There is hope for their future family and other achievements. Unfortunately, a family in Louisiana is coming to terms with the end of those hopes after their son was killed in a recent fatal car accident.

The accident occurred in the early hours of a March morning. The 17-year-old was traveling as a passenger in a sports utility vehicle. For reasons that are unclear at this time, the SUV left the roadway and slammed into a tree.

Alleged drunk driving accident kills 2 in Louisiana

The death of anyone in a car accident is a tragedy. However, when a loving father of four is killed while on his way to work to support his family of four children, the tragedy seems even greater. After an alleged drunk driving accident such as this, one family in Louisiana is likely wondering how they will cope without their family member. They do have options, however, that could help them seek degree of financial security.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours of a day in mid-March. A 31-year-old man was driving to work on a Louisiana Interstate when he was allegedly struck head-on by a car driving in the wrong direction. He was taken to an area hospital where he later died from the injuries he sustained. The driver of the alleged wrong-way vehicle died at the scene.

Louisiana motorcycle accident results in fatality

As the country begins to thaw out from winter, more and more motorcyclists are donning their helmets and taking to the open road. While drivers of motor vehicles should always be vigilant, it is especially important to do so when motorcycles are on the road. A recent motorcycle accident in Louisiana underscores the potential dangers present for motorcyclists.

The accident occurred at night on the Westbank Expressway in Gretna. Reports indicate that a motorcyclist and tractor-trailer were both traveling west on the expressway. Apparently, an accident occurred that resulted in the tractor-trailer running over the motorcyclist.

2 fatalities in Louisiana car accident

Most everyone is aware of the fragility of life. However, for most people, this logical understanding is easy to disregard. Unfortunately, a recent car accident in Louisiana is another painful reminder that a life can be lost in the blink of an eye, with no advance warning and through no fault of one's own.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours on a Friday late in February. Police say that a car slammed into an electrical tower. The vehicle burst into flames after impact.

Off-duty New Orleans police officer injured in car accident

There is no doubt that there are distracted drivers on the road. Because of that, most people who travel on the roadways know that they may be putting their lives at risk as they travel. However, occupants of motor vehicles likely assume they are relatively safe when they are sitting in a parked car. Unfortunately for an off-duty New Orleans police officer, a recent car accident shows this is not always the case.

The incident occurred in the morning in mid-February. An off-duty police officer was sitting in the passenger seat of a car parked in front of a New Orleans high school. The car was allegedly slammed from behind by a second vehicle.

2 in Louisiana hospital after alleged drunk driving accident

It is accepted that an accident might happen when using the roadways. In some cases, there is little a driver can do to avoid a collision. However, some people find an accident involving a driver who is under the influence and driving on a suspended license difficult to forgive -- especially when the driver failed to render aid to an injured victim. Louisiana police claim this is the exact scenario in an alleged drunk driving accident that recently left two female pedestrians in the hospital.

One evening in mid-February, witnesses apparently observed a man driving his vehicle in the area where the two women were struck. Reports indicate that the 34-year-old man was tracked down after finding his vehicle near the accident scene. Police claim that the condition of the car, including clothing embedded in the windshield, supports their assertion that the man was responsible for the women's injuries.

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