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Local police department facing lawsuit over car accident

The Kenner police department is facing a lawsuit over a car accident that resulted in the alleged injuries of three people. The car accident occurred as a law enforcement officer was in pursuit of another vehicle. The lawsuit names the officer, the Kenner police department and the city of Kenner, Louisiana. 

The three plaintiffs were traveling from a school event when their vehicle was struck by the police car. All three of the plaintiffs claim that they suffered extensive injuries from the crash and that the police officer is liable for the accident. According to the details of the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking an unspecified amount of damages for personal injury. 

Should you file a wrongful death claim after a fatal accident?

After a fatal accident, it may be difficult to know where to turn for the financial and legal support you need. There are certain options available, which include filing a wrongful death claim in order to recover some of the financial losses associated with the accident. Louisiana readers who have been impacted by a fatal accident should carefully consider legal action as a beneficial step.

You may consider a wrongful death claim if the fatal accident was caused by the negligent, reckless or dangerous behavior of another individual behind the wheel. This includes texting and driving, drunk driving or speeding. With the ever-growing popularity and use of smartphones, it is increasingly likely that distraction contributed to the accident that claimed the life of your loved one. 

Younger drivers are at greater risk for a car accident

There are many who argue that 16 years old is too young to be in control of a vehicle, and car accident statistics may validate this claim. Simply put, younger drivers are at a higher risk for a car accident. Immaturity and inexperience are some of the main reasons that younger people are involved in more car accidents, but reckless or negligent behavior also accounts for many wrecks caused by young drivers behind the wheel. 

Teenage drivers have a crash rate three times higher than drivers who are over the age of 20. Inexperience may not allow a teenager to properly respond to an emergency situation on the road, and immaturity can lead to dangerous driving behaviors. All states, including Louisiana, have some form of graduated driving system based on the age of the driver, but that does not mean necessarily decrease the chance of an accident. 

What is considered the most dangerous type of distracted driving?

Anything that takes a Louisiana driver's attention off the road can lead to an accident. However, one activity in particular has been identified by the federal government's website on distracted driving as the most dangerous type of distracted driving -- texting. This does not mean that other activities -- such as eating, grooming or talking on your cell phone -- are not hazardous. It just means that texting while driving poses a significant danger.

In order to text, drivers must use three of the most important tools of driving, which are the use of your hands, eyes and mind. The average amount of time that your eyes are off the road while texting is approximately five seconds. In that time, a vehicle can cover the length of a football field at 55 mph. The driving conditions can change dramatically in that time and distance.

We can help truck accident victims move forward after a crash

Are you the victim of a truck accident? Commercial vehicles, such as large semi trucks, have a special burden of responsibility to drive safely around other motorists. If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a commercial truck accident, it may not be your fault. Victims may benefit from a personal injury or wrongful death claim. 

At Bravo Law Firm, we know that it can be intimidating to deal with a large trucking company after an accident. It can also be equally daunting when insurance companies are combative or deny your claims. We have vast experience in dealing with these issues, and we know how to hold the liable party responsible for your damages. Our goal is to secure a complete financial recovery for our Louisiana clients. 

A fatal accident on the Causeway leaves worker dead

A recent fatal accident on the Causeway has left one construction worker dead. The deceased was working over Lake Pontchartrain when a garbage truck hit his vehicle and knocked it into the water. The fatal accident occurred as the man was driving his truck slowly along the bridge as part of the Louisiana construction crew working on signage and road stripping.

The man was driving the truck behind workers, protecting them from oncoming traffic. However, his vehicle was hit from behind by a garbage truck. While the truck is designed to protect against a rear collision, the force of the impact was enough to push the vehicle off of the bridge. The garbage truck also hit a police car, but no others were believed to be injured in the accident. 

Speed plays role in fatal accident in Louisiana

A recent fatal accident in St. Charles Parish claimed the life of a young man and injured two others. Louisiana law enforcement believe that speed played a role in the fatal accident. The deceased was ejected from the car in the impact of the single car crash. The driver and another passenger sustained only minor injuries. 

A 19-year-old Louisiana resident was driving the car at the time of the crash. Police believe that the crash occurred when the driver moved into the northbound lane and then swerved back into the southbound lane. He then lost control of the vehicle, subsequently leading to the crash. The vehicle crashed into trees before rolling several times.

Motorcycle accident results in injury for Louisiana woman

When a car accident occurs, many individuals may have the reaction to stop and help any individuals who were involved. However, there are instances in which a driver who was a part of the crash may flee the scene due to fear of being punished or other reasons. Hit-and-run wrecks are very serious matters, and if the incident is also a motorcycle accident, a party could be severely injured.

A similar situation recently took place in Louisiana that resulted in a motorcyclist suffering injuries. It was reported that the motorcycle was traveling north when the driver attempted to make a left turn. As she was turning, another vehicle turning from another street at an excessive speed collided with the motorcycle. The driver of the other vehicle apparently stopped to look at the woman but then continued traveling.

Elderly woman dies in fatal accident in Louisiana

People should always be careful when driving on the road. However, when a vehicle is hauling a trailer, the driver needs to be extra cautious, since the trailer makes navigating significantly more challenging. This can increase the chances of experiencing a crash that could result in injuries or even death. It turns out that this was the case in a recent fatal accident involving a truck hauling a trailer in Louisiana.

The deadly crash happened in late October when a truck hauling a trailer crashed into another vehicle. The truck and the other vehicle were both traveling southbound on the freeway in the left lane. Apparently, the truck collided into the other vehicle after it had switched into the right lane and then back into the left lane in front of the truck. The other vehicle was attempting to make a legal U-turn when the truck hauling the trailer crashed into the other vehicle from behind.

2 siblings killed in car accident over the summer

Two children who are siblings were killed in a crash over the summer. A Louisiana woman was issued a summons for her alleged role in the fatal car accident. This comes after a "no true" bill decision was returned.

On the day of the accident, the children were with their father and two other family members while they were fishing. According to reports, a 47-year-old driver of an SUV veered off the roadway for unknown reasons and slammed into the family and the children. Three of the adults were reportedly injured, but the exact details of their conditions was not reported.

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