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Fatal accident in Louisiana kills two, injures two

Often times, accidents happen in a split second -- so fast that other drivers have little, if any, time to react. Occasionally a fatal accident can be caused by such a simple action as one car drifting slightly to the left, causing it to cross the center line. A recent accident in Louisiana underscores the danger of what some people might consider a relatively minor infraction when it caused the death of two people and sent two others to the hospital.

The accident occurred at night over the Fourth of July weekend. A 50-year-old driver allegedly crossed the center line and struck a car driven by a 55-year-old male, causing the second car to overturn. The first car continued on and struck a third car head on.

The driver in the first car, who was not wearing a safety belt, and the driver of the third car, who was wearing a safety belt, were both killed as a result of the accident. The driver and passenger of the second vehicle were transported to the hospital for treatment. At this time, the accident is under investigation, and officials are unsure if drugs or alcohol were involved.

For the families of the deceased, the Fourth of July holiday will always be a reminder of their loss. However, the family of the deceased man in the third vehicle as well as the injured survivors in the second have the option of filing a civil suit in Louisiana against the estate of the man who allegedly crossed the center line. Although his death is tragic as well, if the court determines it was his negligence that caused the accident, compensation could be awarded for funeral experiences, loss of wages, and medical expenses (or the survivors). The emotions associated with the fatal accident will be difficult enough to manage; additional stresses over monetary concerns will only complicate matters.

Source: The Advertiser, "2 killed, 2 injured in Lafayette wreck," Megan Wyatt, July 5, 2013

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